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Board Refreshment

With a focus on team and an eye for diversity in background, age, gender, experience & competencies, HR Point-Board Refreshment will amaze you with value-added - out of the box; outside the network, experienced and inexperienced - candidates for your Supervisory Board , Supervisory Board, Advisory Board, Advisory Committee and Supervisory Board.

What does HR POINT Board Refreshment do for your Board of Directors?

Board Refreshment mediates objectively strong candidates with an eye for the total composition of your Board. Board Refreshment can mediate these profiles because it continuously looks for potential candidates who are highly skilled in their field, who have delivered exceptional performances, who stand out for their work and not so much for seeking the limelight. These are people who want to continue to grow and who can make an important contribution with their current knowledge, skills and network. We can also help you create these profiles.

A new perspective

As a Board of Commissioners and Supervisory Board, the focus is on the duties and responsibilities as a supervisor as well as the challenges of the sector and organization you oversee. In a small team, it is challenging to connect with the environment and to bring balance in knowledge and skills. Therefore, with every vacancy on the Board, it is crucial to consider the opportunity to strengthen your Board with a new perspective: someone with relevant current knowledge and a network of added value.

The reason to choose search by Board Refreshment

As an Advisory Board, Board of Directors and Supervisory Board you want to keep up with current events and developments (including IT and technology); because you want to strengthen the Board with a new perspective; because you want recognition for your stakeholders – and above all – because you want the strongest possible team. That is why you need: Board Refreshment Search.

Research shows that a diverse team brings benefits in relation to: information processing, innovation and informed decision-making.

  • There is more focus on facts

  • Information is processed and weighed more carefully

  • Diverse teams are more innovative

  • Objectivity in the selection

  • RVC-Coaches from abroad


In addition, politics and society demand that organizations connect with society and social challenges.  When there is diversity, the focus on inclusion usually increases.

Boardroom sessions

Investing in knowledge, network, innovation and inspiration is necessary. Sometimes it is best to do this in a small group or even 1-on-1 in your familiar environment.


Discussing current challenges of your organization, adding a new perspective, tackling the problems directly, drawing on the expertise and experience of renowned scientists, the top of business, politics and society. That is the power of a Boardroom Session. With the bridging function that we fulfill, we allow top players from abroad to join you in the Boardroom.

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