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Organisational advice

Think along and advise to make your organization run even better! That is organizational advice from HR Point.

How does HR Point help your organization grow?  

People are the most important part of an organization. That is why people should also be central when setting an organization up. That's what we go for. We can provide advice and we also help you create this people-centred organization.

  • We think along at a strategic level 

  • We work wider than an organizational consultancy firm

  • Due to our experience and knowledge of HR, we have a direct link to HR 

Customized organizational advice 


Organizational advice is always a customized process that requires an intensive good relationship with the company and the employees. Every company is unique, so every process is also unique. The Human Factor thinks along with you! 

Organizational advice

Mission, vision and strategy

Leadership & Team Coaching

Change management

Crisis management

Organization structure

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