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Talent Pools

In Suriname we can bind and retain talents for our beautiful Suriname. HR Point works with talent pools or traineeships. Specially selected trained young professionals or employees within a specific domain or field are guided by us. We support organizations in the development and maintenance of such a pool, so that talents receive a permanent place within the organization

Set up Talent Pools


We help organizations develop and retain talented employees. Whether you opt for complete unburdening or specific support when setting up a talent pool or traineeship, the goal is to guide talents in their development. To make this a success, we work with a phased system.


1. Consultation:

We provide a clear picture of what the target group and the labor market look like, what the target group considers important and how the organization can bind the desired talent profiles.

2. Design:

Together we will work on the design of the desired talent pool. We zoom in on: a strengths and weaknesses analysis, embedding organizational strategy, planning and phasing, recruitment, selection and onboarding, structure, design of the development program and preconditions and principles of the pool.

3. Recruitment & Selection:

A successful start of a talent pool stands or falls with attracting the right people. This starts with a target group-oriented recruitment campaign with an associated selection process. This results in a carefully selected group of candidates who are ready to start in the talent pool or traineeship.

4. Employership:

The talents have been found and are going to work. It's really just starting now. We support you with onboarding and employership. Being a good employer is a matter of course at HR Point  and goes beyond timely payment of salary. Our services are invariably rated with an 8 by employees.


5. Development

Talents have ambitions. Ambitions that cannot be achieved through work alone. Training and development should therefore be a standard part of a talent pool. Together we develop a goal-oriented learning trajectory with attention to both substantive knowledge and skills.

6. Guidance:

Learning goes by trial and error. Good guidance makes the difference between progression or regression. We offer individual coaching sessions and supervised intervision by an experienced advisor. We use an Insights Discovery® profile as a starting point, which gives talents insight into their own personality, work style and motivations.

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