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Leadership trajectory

Develop your personal leadership qualities with our leadership trajectory. Become the best leader for your staff and organization that you can be.

Get started with experienced leadership trainers and executives from the field. You are confronted, challenged, enter into discussion and gain insight into yourself, the organization and your (future) team.


After following this leadership development trajectory:

  • Do you have insight into yourself and your leadership qualities

  • Do you know your role and position as a leader in the organization?

  • Have you developed style flexibility in your managerial style

  • Do you see the dynamics of groups and team development phases

  • Can you analyze and develop a team 

  • Can you develop your own vision in line with the organizational objectives

  • Are you aware of your way of communicating and its effects on others?

  • Have you been given the tools to engage in challenging conversations?


Implementation of our leadership trajectory 

The leadership trajectory consists of three modules, coaching & intervision moments and learning bites:

me as a manager

Me And The Team

Me And The Organization

Coaching & Intervision

Learning Bites

Between the modules you have to take into account an hour investment of about four to six hours.

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 15.24.45.png

Training & Coaching

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