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INTERPOINT Caribbean responds to IT needs in the Caribbean smartly with IT training from Isential

John Mahboeb, director of INTERPOINT Caribbean, is always looking for development opportunities in the Caribbean and Suriname. He connects these local issues with expertise from the international business community. One such issue is the increasing need for IT knowledge.

"IT is not yet as highly developed here in the Caribbean as it is in Europe," John says. "Systems are often less secure, unofficial software licenses and proprietary e-mail accounts are used in certain countries." To close this knowledge gap, he started looking for a training partner. Googling, he came across Isential.

Better together

From then on, everything went lightning fast. "After a nice conversation, we rolled right into our first project: training IT specialists for the Ministry of Defense of Suriname," John says enthusiastically. A great project in which both parties can put their added value to good use. The connecting strength, the focus on quality and the knowledge of the local market of INTERPOINT Caribbean is seamlessly supplemented by Isential. With passionate IT trainers and teachers, up-to-date IT training and innovative educational tools.

Getting to know the market

Before the green light to launch the project could be given, Isential's founder Hessel Joustra, marketing and business manager Michiel Hameete and training specialist Bas Kelder flew to Suriname. Here, with the help of John and his local director Amrita Goeptar, they got a good picture of the daily practice. An important step in developing an appropriate and customized offer. "You can't just copy and paste training developed for the Dutch market into an offering for Suriname or the islands," said John.


To make a good analysis of the situation, the brand new cooperation partners conducted a QuickScan together. From discussions with all stakeholders - the minister, the commander, Defense Council and employees of the various service units and IT-related departments - to mapping the facilities. They also drew up conditions, which increase the chances of success. Such as a functioning Internet connection and commitment from both the participants and the ministry.

Hitting the ground running

While INTERPOINT Caribbean in collaboration with Isential provided recruitment, Isential put together an appropriate curriculum based on the level of the students. With a focus: learning from practical experiences. An approach that, according to John, will lead to much study enjoyment among the participants. The Isential also selected IT trainers and IT instructors, compiled study materials, arranged laptops and requested exams in advance. All so that the selected participants can get off to a good start in the new year.

Steady partner

Now that the parties have gone through this process together once, John knows what he gets from his Dutch training partner. "Isential is a steady partner in the IT field that I can rely on. We communicate openly, honestly and transparently with each other. An important basis for good cooperation. With Isential's catalog in my back pocket, I offer my customers a complete package of Dutch-language, internationally recognized and certified training courses."


The ability to quickly set up full-service IT training courses (academies) is an interesting addition to INTERPOINT Caribbean's service package. It also contributes directly to the ambition of the development institute to become the one-stop-shop for education and training in the Caribbean.

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