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Gain insight into yourself and your leadership qualities with our coaching training. Develop your leadership skills and challenge yourself!

Sometimes there are situations in which employees or teams do not make the best use of their potential. They are out of place or stuck. It is also possible that employees want to develop further. Coaching employees is a fast and targeted way to support staff and teams. HR Point provides coaching training on location. We provide insight and answers to career questions in the broad sense of the word, for individuals and teams.


Result of a coaching program

  • Preferred position on the job market for working at your organization

  • Filling vacancies faster, cheaper and more effectively

  • Motivated and committed employees because they know their goals

  • Lower turnover among current employees


Team coaching


How does the coaching process work? 

We prefer to start a coaching process with a personality or team analysis. This provides direct insight into talents, development potential and possible pitfalls of a person or team. This makes it a good starting point.

A coaching conversation lasts 1.5 hours on average and preferably takes place outside the workplace, in order to really take some distance from the work situation and to devote time and attention to your own questions. Where possible and/or necessary, the organization or manager has a role in the coaching, for example in the intake and evaluation afterwards. Clear agreements are always made about this with both the organization and the coachee. 


The Human factor in coaching employees

At HR Point we believe in the human factor. This approach is also paramount in our coaching training. We see people as a whole: who you are and what you take with you from past experiences make who you are now.

But we are also future-oriented and include your wishes and desires for the (near) future in our coaching. Being able to take control and to strengthen employees and teams is paramount.

Naturally, our coaches work in an equal way with the coachees and teams. We do not have a monopoly on wisdom, but help to discover and further develop talents and motivations. What is dealt with in the coaching is always treated confidentially.

Practical information coaching trajectories

In coaching programs we focus on short & powerful! Unless longer-term guidance is necessary due to the complexity of the question. Our experience is that a number of conversations with one of our very experienced coaches lead to visible and tangible results, so that the individual or team can continue on their own. 

Training & Coaching

Leadership trajectory

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