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Change management

With Change Management you increase the chance of success of a change in your organization.

When do you need Change Management?

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace. To keep a healthy organization and to stay ahead of the competition, it is important to keep up the pace. Change does not happen overnight.

How do you increase the chance of success of a change process in your organization? And how do you guide this change process as effectively as possible from A to Z?

Result of a Change Management program

Change starts with people and involving people is crucial. This is how you achieve sustainable change in an organization. We gladly help you with facilitating, guiding and advising you through this change.

Important features of Change Management program

  • The desired result is the starting point

  • Program is completely customized and tailored to the needs of the organization

  • Involvement and support is created among management and employees 

  • Short, structured and decisive approach 

  • Frequent and open communication

Why HR Point's Change Management?

  • Sustainable solutions that contribute to your organization objectives 

  • The Human Factor is always central

  • Personal approach, practice-oriented and focused on results 

  • All change management processes are tailored to the needs of the employee(s) and the organization, so that no process is the same

HR Consultancy

HR Credits

Ad-hoc and flexible HR Advice and support.

Performance Management

Performance Management helps to translate organizational ambitions into tasks, responsibilities and powers of personnel.


With Newplacement, let your employee(s) face the future with confidence in a suitable job.

Vitality | Sustainable Employability

Investing in vitality and sustainable employability of employees pays off! Happy employees guarantee a successful organization.

Strategic Personnel Planning

With strategic personnel planning you translate organizational ambitions, goals & strategy into the right mix of personnel and the optimal design of your organization.

Talent Management | Development

Organizations that deploy Talent Management, Development and Development to activate and stimulate the talent of employees appear to be much more successful.

Employer Branding

What about your employer brand? Make sure the good employees find you and then know how to bind them! That is...

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