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With Newplacement, let your employee(s) face the future with confidence in a suitable job.

When do you start using Newplacement?

Are you as an employer currently undergoing a reorganization or is your employee not functioning in his/her current position? Are you no longer in your place with your current employer or in your current job? And are you looking for solutions? Then we can support you with Newplacement. 

New placement? Outplacement?

Newplacement is our positive approach to Outplacement! Let your employee(s) face the future with confidence and enable them to find the right job. 

Steps within the Newplacement program

We guide these processes slightly differently than usual. We work together with the employee and employer on the core (question), focused on the future. Through the process we map out core qualities, motivations and ambitions. By having conversations together and getting started with the practical assignments we have given, we guarantee an effective and efficient return to the labor market. The link to our Recruitment services is quickly established.

Components of a Newplacement trajectory (may) include:

  • Recovery coaching

  • Job application training

  • Labor market analysis

  • Self confidence

  • Networking

  • Coaching

Why Newplacement from HR Point?

  • We believe in a positive approach focused on the future

  • Stimulating personal responsibility and entrepreneurship in finding a new suitable job

  • Directly connected to our Recruitment services and our large network

  • Professionalism, quality and result orientation are paramount

  • All Newplacement trajectories are tailored to the needs of the employee(s) and the organization, so that no trajectory is the same

Components of HR Consultancy

HR Credits

Ad-hoc and flexible HR Advice and support.

Talent Management | Development

Organizations that deploy Talent Management, Development and Development to activate and stimulate the talent of employees appear to be much more successful.

Employer Branding

What about your employer brand? Make sure the good employees find you and then know how to bind them! That is...

Change Management

With Change Management you increase the chance of success of a change in your organization.

Performance Management

Performance Management helps to translate organizational ambitions into tasks, responsibilities and powers of personnel.

Vitality | Sustainable Employability

Investing in vitality and sustainable employability of employees pays off! Happy employees guarantee a successful organization.

Strategic Personnel Planning

With strategic personnel planning you translate organizational ambitions, goals & strategy into the right mix of personnel and the optimal design of your organization.

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