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HR Credits

Ad-hoc and flexible HR Advice and support. Flexible HR Advice, extra capacity and help from an HR Professional. Pure and only when your organization needs it, without permanent personnel costs.

HR expertise can be deployed at any desired level and at any time. Ideal for when HR is (temporarily) not available in your organization; or when more capacity is temporarily needed due to, for example, a transition in the organization; or if the HR department needs support/spare moments. 

Thanks to a large network of HR Specialists, we can quickly respond to your issue. We will discuss each challenge with you in order to map the question is and understand your needs.


What do you get? 
  • Extra capacity and help from an HR Professional only when you need it, without permanent staff costs 

  • Temporary external knowledge and expertise in various HR areas, including industry-specific knowledge and skills

  • Fixed amount: this way you will never be faced with surprises 

  • Continuity in attention to your HR issues and therefore your people

How does it work?

An HR Credits contains 10 hours of HR Advice that can be freely filled in. These hours can be spent as you need them. The costs for an HR Credits are USD 600 excl. VAT. Minimum purchase at a time is 2 hours. After purchase, the HR Credits is valid for one year. 

HR Consultancy

Change Management

With Change Management you increase the chance of success of a change in your organization.

Performance Management

Performance Management helps to translate organizational ambitions into tasks, responsibilities and powers of personnel.


With Newplacement, let your employee(s) face the future with confidence in a suitable job.

Vitality | Sustainable Employability

Investing in vitality and sustainable employability of employees pays off! Happy employees guarantee a successful organization.

Strategic Personnel Planning

With strategic personnel planning you translate organizational ambitions, goals & strategy into the right mix of personnel and the optimal design of your organization.

Talent Management | Development

Organizations that deploy Talent Management, Development and Development to activate and stimulate the talent of employees appear to be much more successful.

Employer Branding

What about your employer brand? Make sure the good employees find you and then know how to bind them! That is...

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